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Hi guys, I live in Montreal and my phone number prefix is 873. However, whenever I read my phone number to someone, I get weird reactions, like where is this number from?! or is it for Quebec or where did you provide that number?

I see most of prefixes for Montreal are 514 or 819. And it's kind of uncomfortable to see the reactions like this.

I was wondering how can I change my phone number prefix or should I do it or not.

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    Follow this to change your number :

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    You don't have to change it.

    The 873 area code was introduced a few years ago. See this article ↗️.

    The greater Montreal area is roughly half the population of Quebec. Those were all used to area code 514 for a loooooong time. It's printed deep in their memory. Imagine the shock when they got the 450 for suburbs 😅. Then 819. 🙃

    The 873 just follows this logic when the 819 will be exhausted. There are simply not enough numbers for the existing codes, they constantly will need to expand to new area codes.

    So people are simply thinking you come from a far away region when in fact it is a valid QC code.

    More on this:

    To change it:

    Go in your account -> My plans ↗️(mobile) -> Change this phone number

  • ynw93
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    873 c'est pour la ville de Quebec, 873 is a Quebec city area code.

    If you want a Montreal Based area code, you would need to get a new number from Montreal. This would be as easy as getting a prepaid card with another carrier and bring the number to Fizz or signing up for a new plan with Fizz directly.

    Hope this helps!


  • Dgjf
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    You cant change it but over time new prefix is added so its normal. I thnik the reaction is weird more than the number.

    For my part : 450 for life :p

    Have a nice day :)

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    I have a 438 prefix. I don‘t really understand why people would react weirdly to it LOL.

    Who care what the are code is. I never gave it much thought to be honest.

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