Any way to guard/provision for payment issues?

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Hi everyone,

This isn't related to a problem, but perhaps a discussion about finding ways to avoid one. I've recently noticed a few people having issues with payments and being deprived of internet for a substantial (and somewhat unacceptable) amount of time (3-5 days).

So my question is: are there any convenient ways a customer can guard/protect against such issues? Among ideas (possible or not) I could envision:

  • Perhaps Fizz shouldn't be so quick at pulling the plug when a payment is missed
  • Fizz could allow people to opt-in to pay 2 months in advance (fully refundable if cancelled beforehand of course)
  • Could we put money in some kind of "buffer wallet" that could be used as backup if payment fails (again, must be fully refundable).

The easy answer is of course: update your payment info as soon as you get a new card, but when a card gets cloned/frauded, banks don't really wait for you to get a new card to cancel the old one and if if timing is bad, then it seems there is almost nothing you could do? Like many people in IT, I worked from home 100% of the time for over a year now and honestly, loosing a single day of work because my internet was cut would probably cost me more than provisioning an extra 150$ to cover an payment buffer (and I'm sure many of us would feel the same). I would actually consider an alternate providers that would cost slightly more if I knew they weren't as aggressive to cut people off and/or could resolve payment issues in a matter of hours, not days.

Anyone else would have ideas on how we could protect ourselves (or have Fizz help us protect ourselves)?

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  • Dgjf
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    The best way, in my opinion, is to have 2 credit card on your account so when the card expire you will have the time to put the new one. All problem seem when a cart expire and the people try to put the new one but the system refuse it.

    And if you dont have the problem juste dont worry many many problem you see here toutch like 1% of the client. Fizz have many client and we see like 2-3 three complain per day.

    So i dont think this problem affect so many people in the end.


  • Might be a good For them to give a grace period if a payment doesn’t go through

  • ynw93
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    Never had any issues issuing a prepaid Visa / MasterCard like a KOHO card or a Visa Debit or MasterCard from the bank.

    It always gets paid on time, I believe it’s because it goes through your banks network and not the credit card’s.

  • StefanM
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    Very good ideas! I fully agree with you.

    I think the best short term solution for fizz would be to allow plan payments to be deducted from the wallet and also not to cut service immediately. Maybe give the member 1-2 weeks to sort out the payment issues.

    @Dgjf I have two credit cards and my Koho card saved to my account. A couple of weeks back, all of them were declined. I still don‘t know what the issue was. It was definitely on Fizz‘s side because all my banks said that they didn‘t even attempt to charge. Plus I had more than enough money on my Koho card. Luckily I found this out early enough because I wanted to put more money into my wallet and Fizz could sort it out before the plan renewed.

    @ynw93 Not necessarily. My Koho Card was declined at some point too.

    I really hope Fizz figures this out.

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