Do I need to still be with my old provider to transfer my number to Fizz

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Just wondering If I can cancel my subscription to my old provider and still be able to transfer my number to FIzz.

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  • Zenthar
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    Part of the process involves your current provider sending you an SMS to confirm the number transfer so if you no longer have service, you might have reached a dead-end right there. Just call your provider one you know your number is working with Fizz, the process took less than 1h for me.


  • allovert
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    I think this link could answer your question with the first paragraph:

    But from personal experience, even if your contract expires, as long as your number is in your provider's system under your name you can transfer to fizz.

  • Idefizz
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    Never cancel your current MOBILE provider if you wish to keep your MOBILE phone number.

    Your account must remain active at the current provider and you will need to give Fizz the account number.

    Fizz will take those steps for you.

    Consider the following with your current provider first:

    • Fizz cannot unlock your phone, only your current provider can. Do that before asking Fizz to proceed with the transfer (if it applies). Read this.
    • Fizz cannot transfer phone numbers that are associated with landlines and VOIP. Ask your provider to transfer the number to a mobile first if possible.
    • Fizz cannot transfer a number that has anti-port protection (a process that prevents sim swapping). So make sure your current provider.
    • make sure your phone is not reported stolen at . More on that here.
    • make sure your device is compatible with Fizz's frequencies. Read this on that matter.

    Think of our referral codes when joining. You only get 1 chance.

    And welcome!

  • Dgjf
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    If you cancel you will loose your number you only can transfert an active phone number.

  • Barry L. #924
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    Once you cancel with your old provider, your number is gone

  • Idefizz
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    Well not entirely. There is hope, and unless I'm mistaken the period varies amongst providers.

    For instance, Fizz keeps the phone number for 60 days after unsubscribing. SRC:

  • StefanM
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    Your subscription with your old provider needs to be still active at the time of transfer otherwise porting the phon number wont be possible. My suggestion: Start the porting process around 1 Week before your old contract expires. This gives you also some time to sort out any issues with the porting, should they arise.

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