Did anyone else have all there data disapear last firday (18 march)

I was Pleased to see my rollover data back today, but it was GONE last Friday, so my messages didn't work and my programs that require data to work for work were in offline mode

this was very agrivating

did this happen to anyone else?


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  • Dgjf
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    Yep Fizz as a little bug on this date. But the bug was only visual you didint loose your data :)


  • Pingu1no
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    I did see my data disappear with a "out of data' message in my Fizz account, but that did not affect my messages and data.

  • NinjaBunga
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    I did not experience this issue, or I simply didn't notice the issue. That is really odd.

  • StefanM
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    Yeah, happened to me too. It’s simply a display error. The website is sometimes a bit buggy.

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