How much data can someone have at a time?

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This is a question just out of curiosity. I have a friend who's accumulated up to 25 GB of data and I was wondering if there is a maximum amount of data someone can have at one time? If supposedly a bunch of people were to gift data to a single person could he accumulate up to 100 GB or something? I don't think anyone would do that, but I was just curious as to if it's possible haha. Thanks!

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    There is no maximum in GB when giving. So it is fair to conclude one can receive within the same rule.

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    I dont see why not. Fizz dont seem to limit it and i dont see why they would. So give it a go and have fun you can buy multiple data addon too to get there :)


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    Max plan is 20g. Carry forward 2 months . 20+20+20= 60g is max you will have.

    Plus extra data perks or add on . Let's say you have 3 add-on total and 5 one gb peek. Max 8gb.

    Plus data gift from friends(max 20gb per time 60 days life max). Let's say you have 10 friends who gifted you 20gb per person this month and last month. 10 x 40gb = 400gb.

    Add together , hope 468gb is enough 🙂

  • StefanM
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    There is no maximum of data you can have. Fizz does not cap it. In terms of plans the highest mobile data plan is 20GB.

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