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Is there any direct number to call the supporting center/technician?

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    Hi @ErfanRahbarimehr ,

    there is no number to reach Fizz as they work 100% online.

    The chat bubble is the best tool to reach Fizz. This forum is mostly for mutual help between customers. To chat:

    1. Go to a FAQ page e.g.
    2. Look bottom right for the big green question mark (?)
    3. Click it, a bubble will appear
    4. Submit your question with possibly a relevant screenshot or modem photo 
    5. After that will be displayed the number of customers preceding you, to manage your expectations. Updated real time.

    ALTERNATIVELY, try leaving a message on Facebook Messenger, iMessage or Twitter private. The advantages of their tool are the management of waiting times and the ability to print (e.e. PDF) a copy of the conversation for your records.

    The bubble looks like this:

    In the hope this answers your question.


  • Dgjf
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    Fizz is a 100% digital experience they dont do support by phone only by chat. Have a nice day :)

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