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Whether fizz wifi able to connect?

My current provider not able to connect but my previous provider Bell or Mobile hotspot can connect

So what about fizz also what of modem u provide??

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    Hello Jag,

    Technically speaking all ISP should allow you to reach a given VPN. Then only thing I could think of is if your VPN connection uses a custom port and your current ISP is blocking it.

    What symptoms or error message do you have? As per my experience, Fizz has no issues connecting to VPNs.

    Fizz provides a Hitron CODA-4680 modem/router, at least that's the one I got.

    I hope this helps


  • Idefizz
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    Hello @Jag , many questions here.

    fizz also what of modem u provide??

    It's the Wi-Fi modem (CODA-4680). (source:: )

    Mobile hotspot

    Hotspot-ing is not Fizz related.

    Using hotspot is a technicality about your phone relaying its signal to your computer. For instance, an LTE signal received by the phone will be transformed like a wi-fi router for computers and other devices around. So the ISP provider should not be able to see that and therefore has no influence over its usage.

    ...VPN IN my laptop .Whether fizz wifi able to connect?

    VPN and wifi are two different technologies not impeding one another.

    VPN could be blocked by an ISP but usually that would be very rare like in an oppressive country (or some blacklisting for known legal issue). I would be very curious to know who blocked yours today in Canada. Very.

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    I don't think that the VPN will be blocked. That would be highly questionable from a legal point of view and only happens in authoritarian countries. So you should be fine.

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    What is your current provider ? Its seems really weird to block the VPN ?

  • Jag
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    THanks all for responding:

    THis is the background I use AT&T Global Network Client to connect my Employer network.

    I used Cox Internet, Verizon, Xfinity in US and in canada i used Bell - I have no problem connecting.

    Last week moved to new apartment and on monday i took new connection from IVCTEL.. then the issue started of not connecting to AT&T VPN.

    AT&T and my Internal IT Team both looked in the issue and confirmed it is the Modem or service provider issue...Because i am able to connect using my Mobile Hotspot currently.

    AT&T support team spend lot of time and even given them very specific port they need to open which they did, but not fixed the issue...

    As i am writing this its been 5 days i am dealing with IVCTel to fix this and finally fed up and booked Fizz last night with installation due tomorrow

    To Fizz WHatsup chat team i clearly mentioned i need to connect AT&T and they assured the technicial will help to check during installtion..

    So i am counting on Fizz now.... once it is connected i will disconnect IVC the very next minute....

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