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I was wondering if I only have Quebec coverage but someone from Ontario texts me or calls me will I get charged for those incoming text/calls?

Thank you!

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    Hi @Megan ,

    In short:

    • incoming is no charge.
    • Outgoing (calling back), you will pay somehow.

    Receiving international (or anything outside Quebec in your case), being SMS or calls, are free if

    • you are in your coverage area (explained below), i.e. Quebec (painted in pink in
    • have minutes left in your package

    On the other hand, TO CALL or SMS BACK AT THEM, you need to have a proper add-on (

    Fun fact #1: SMS are always free to receive, having paid for the SMS option or not.

    Fun fact #2: sending international SMS are included in that unlimited SMS option (named "Unlimited text messaging")..

    Coverage vs Subscription areas

    Subscription area

    If you live in this area, you can subscribe to Fizz mobile services. The majority of your usage must be done in your subscription area, not on partner networks (Fizz EXT), regardless of your coverage area. It is the area where you must live to be a Fizz subscriber

    Coverage area

    The coverage area you choose for your mobile plan determines where you can use your service (on top of your subscription are where the majority of your usage must be done). Outside your coverage area, you’ll need to buy Add-ons or pay as you go. It is where you can use your Fizz plan without paying roaming fees


    1. AND


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    I live in Gatineau and work in Nepean ( Ottawa ) I do have only Quebec plan and it work perfectly no problem calling and texting.. even further in Ontario.. I haven't tried Toronto yet.. I did try to call BC and was not able too ( dahh.. ) haha I did forgot I had the Quebec plan

  • roch-andre
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    On the last 6 months I would've need the Canada plan only once.. so I am thinking about putting money into the fizz wallet for long distance or just use wifi calling for log distance ( it was for a Google meet )

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    In short: Incoming is free while outgoing will be charged. :)

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