I have data that is about to expire, if I send it to a friend, will the timer be reset?

Lucie Posts: 3 ✭✭


I have data that is about to expire, if I send it to a friend, will the timer be reset? 

Thanks foryour help

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  • Misha E.
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    Hello Lucie !

    If you send your data to a friend the timer will be reset indeed! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??!!!!!!!!


  • Brandon Y.
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    Like Misha said, it does restart!

  • StefanM
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    Yep, it does restart for them. I do it all the time. Just remember you can only gift your monthly data, roll-over data cannot be gifted.

  • Idefizz
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    The timer is kind of reset since it is now in your friend's timeline.

    Mind you

    • you cannot give data what you've been gifted (unless you received a data perk from Fizz). Also you cannot gift it to yourself and then give it to your friend.
    • your friend must have a data plan
    • your friend must be in your contacts
  • Justin
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    As already mentioned, yes, the "timer" restart, but for your friend. The delay is 30 days if I'm right.

    If you are talking about expiration, it might be a gift? In that case, as @Idefizz said, only Fizz gift can be give, and you will have to do a tricky manipulation to gave it if your friend is not in your contact list. You will have to send him an invite email and it will work.

    Good Luck

  • DinoS
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    Not for perk. Perk expire date won't change.

    For gift, yes it will be changed the your friend current left billing days + 30 days.

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