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Fizz just announced two new data tiers 7 and 9 GB to replace the 8GB option, except, they come in at a lower price! The 7GB is just 41$ pre tax and 9GB is 46$ pre tax. I have the Canada US option, and I went down from 56$ per month with 8GB to 54$ per month with 9GB. Idk how long it's on until, but get it while you can!

No Really a question, just wanted to let ppl know

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    @ynw93 ,

    Good to know.

    Thank you very much! Can you put the link where you've seen that information?

    Have a nice day!


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    Thanks for the information im not a data usser really but its nice to know. Have a nice day :)

  • ynw93
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    @Justin It's on the Website, when you go to configure my plan, it shows the updated pricing.

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