Upstream and downstream status lights blinking green

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I just got connected less than an hour ago and my upstream and downstream status lights keep blinking green, they don't turn solid blue, is that normal? Internet seems to work just fine, but I don't know if it's just because I was a Vidéotron customer and haven't called to cancel yet (waiting to be sure everything is ok).

Thank you for any info about this.

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  • Zenthar
    Zenthar ⭐ REFERRAL CODE: ► EH1I7 ◄ CODE RÉFÉRENCE ⭐Posts: 510
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    Nevermind, it took over an hour but they finally turned solid blue.


  • Dgjf
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    The first connection took a bit of time but if all work fine so dont worry too mutch. Have a ncie day :)

  • Justin
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    Hi @Zenthar ,

    Good news that everything work.

    when you connect your modem, sometime, you have to wait before everything works fine.

    Maybye that’s what happen!

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