Multiple GB to gift

Multiple GB to gift, please send me your code!

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  • StefanM
    StefanM * Code référence/referral code 50$ -> ALXMQ *Posts: 926
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    Kudos well deserved. People like you make this community awesome :)


  • Idefizz
    Idefizz 🌈💰️🌞════════⇒1GB➕💲25💲 REFERRAL CODE ► LRYiH ◄ CODE RÉFÉRENCE 💲25💲➕1GB ⇐════════Posts: 1,046

    Starting today, there are no more "kudos" (nor points to give/receive "likes").

    But it is nonetheless a nice gesture for those in need. 😎

  • oberon
    oberon Posts: 88

    No more kudos but still can give a ❤️ 😊

  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Code de référence/Referral code: BS7M5Posts: 2,361

    Yep kudo dont exist anymore but you can give a Like. A like dont give point but its give smile :)

  • kokoboko
    kokoboko Posts: 145

    Something interesting: if you don't have data plan you can still receive data PERKS.... interesting. If you have any perk data left please send to QUQZY reff.

  • Nice to share your data

  • Maria_MTL
    Maria_MTL Posts: 2

    With appreciation. 3AHO7


  • Hi, I am not able to gift any of you some data because you don't have a plan. Unfortunately these are not perk data to give.

  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Code de référence/Referral code: BS7M5Posts: 2,361

    If you give data from your plan i think both side should have an active data plan (not just an active plan) . :)

  • Denise S. #21075
    Denise S. #21075 Posts: 5
    edited March 5

    I have an active data plan!

    Thanks! SBJ86

  • Kevin T. #41548
    Kevin T. #41548 Posts: 2
    edited March 8

    Thank you for the good gesture! I'm almost out of data and a week left in this payment cycle. Referall code: XYCNF / Phone #:

  • NinjaBunga
    NinjaBunga Ref: 3AECAPosts: 201

    Thanks for the nice offer.

    If you still have some here's my code: 3AECA


  • DONE! enjoy

  • Hey guys! I'm all out of GB to gift for this month!

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