Data to give (1 gig)?

i have 1 gig of data i wont use


  • Dgjf
    Dgjf Code de référence/Referral code: BS7M5Posts: 3,012
    Nice of you. dont have data so i dont need it. But congradulation for doign it. Have a nice day :)
  • Cédric
    Cédric Ref: UTW8LPosts: 492
    Nice of you!
  • Mestapha
    Mestapha Posts: 152
    Hello Michael,
    Thank you for your generosity and for offering the data. Surely a member will benefit
    Have a good day!
  • oberon
    oberon Posts: 88
    Very nice gesture.
  • Linkin
    Linkin Posts: 79
    Nice gesture MY CODE IS TZBCA
    and thank you so much
  • kokoboko
    kokoboko Posts: 160
    Awesome. Nice
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