Discount compare with other fournisseur ?

Can you give me discount for internet 30mgs

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  • StefanM
    StefanM * Code référence/referral code !! 50$ -> ALXMQ * + 1GB/GOPosts: 1,222
    We are only a forum of users and not in a position to give any discounts. Having said that, as Fizzy mentioned, Fizz doesn't give discounts.
    However, you can increase your membership levels by actively participating in the community. Every new level comes with benefits and for the internet plans its usually a monetary discount.
  • NinjaBunga
    NinjaBunga Ref: 3AECAPosts: 201
    I can give you my referral code which will give you a one time 25$ discount. You can DM me if you are interrested.
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