Customize Upgrades?

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I was wondering since I am with Fizz more then 2 years already. and did receive a few upgrades. but my upgrades are 4 upgrades of 250mb and 3 upgrades of $1 internet rebate and 1 $2 internet rebate.
So the internet I don't use since I don't have internet in my home only at work which is provided by the company, so these upgrades are useless. and the 250mb I was wondering why I do not receive more upgrade options of 500mb or 750mb? while I have a friend who joined Fizz a few month ago and he received already 2 500mb or upgrades? I am really jealous... and think maybe it's even not fair...
I think it should be an option to notify Fizz of what kind of upgrades would please me! and so each costumer.
What do u think guys?


  • StefanM
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    Might be a good idea. I suggest to reach out to Fizz directly. They are always willing to improve and do surveys on a regular basis.
    I personally think it would be great to keep it separated. I know that many people either only have the mobile or the internet plan and not both. Even people that have both usually create a separate profile for the referral bonus. Good idea.
  • Dgjf
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    What is your level ? You should have get some 500Mo. Here the array of perk :

    but there no garentie Fizz can change it anytime. Have a nice day :)
  • Yelena
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    The upgrades you receive depend on your level in rewards program. More points equals higher level.
    Probably your friend got to higher level because he participates in the community hub, so he got more points. Or maybe he has a few plans under one account, so he gets more points due to higher monthly payments.
    Personally I prefer to keep low prices for the plans rather than getting better upgrades, but of course it would be even better to have both :-)
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