Loosing internet connection every day around 10h00 am, why?

Every day around 10h30 we loose internet connection for 5-10minutes. This is annoying. Restarting the modem doesn’t fixed the issue. I unplugged the power for 30sec then back in. Not helping. Later internet is back. Next day same problem. It’s clearly outside our house. Ping to google.com fails.
This is a recurring problem. Please advise


  • cristi
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    Maybe power issues? I have my own UPS for modem. Just an idea. GL
  • Joe H.
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    Had the same problem at 10 pm every night a couple years ago.
    Found out my ethernet cable for my Xbox One was the problem. It was trying to update (I guess). Switched cable and the problem was solved.
    I would try to unplug every cable from modem and see If it still appends and then reconnect one at a time.
    Good luck !
  • Linkin
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    That’s a real issue you should contact the technical support team.
  • NinjaBunga
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    As other mentionned doing a modem factory reset would clear from all configuration. I think the router as a schedule option, perhaps it's activated with a weird schedule (ie. no internet from 10h30 to 10h45)
  • MichelP
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    Please, try a factory reset of your modem.
    With a sharp object, hold on 35,40 seconds the reset button back in the center of the modem and released it after.
    Wait 2,3 minutes to see coming back the lights of the modem.
    If your computer is directly connected to your modem by an ethernet câble, you'll see on the screen: Easy connect.
    Types twice the factory password code located back of the modem.
    Your internet connexion is supposed to be 100% functionnal.
    Reconnect all your devices on your internet wi-fi network with the same factory password.
    If you still need more technical help, please, contact the Fizz customer by chat:
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