how much success do you have with refferal codes in the last month?

After the end of 50 CAD refferal campaign, nothing is working for me anymore.
I think I am doing something wrong. All my friends are not interested about that 25 CAD or seems like not enough to make them to move. All asked about the price of simcard ....anyway
I am interested if it works for you or is the same for you.
I hope you are more lucky than me.


  • Also same here. Only one persone goes on to the nexy month!
  • MichelP
    MichelP code de référence: YJRSP, referral code: YJRSPPosts: 8,732
    same for me but
    stay active on the forum can help.
  • Linkin
    Linkin Posts: 79
    I didn’t know about that, too bad
  • cristi
    cristi Posts: 223
    very disappointed. I was thinking is just me. No refferals at all. 25 CAD not so interesting for a lot of us. Fizz, do something please !
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