I pay for a 120Mbps Plan. On the last 3 days, it keeps constantly on 20mbps. Is that normal?

I got my plan, and kept testing the speed for a while. It was indeed 120mbps, so I was happy.
Lately I noticed my internet was not really smooth, so I keep making the same speed tests. For 3 consecutive days, I have never reached over 20mbps. Is that normal? Should I contact Fizz?
I use wired connection.


  • Restarting your modem! Thats what save my last same problem!
    Have a nice day! :)
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    It's not normal.
    Please, try to do a factory reset of your modem.
    With a needle, hold on 35,40 seconds the reset button back in the center of the modem and released it after.
    Wait 2,3 minutes to see coming back the lights of the modem.
    You'll see on the screen if your computer is connected to the modem with an ethernet câble:
    Easy connect.
    Types twice the factory password key located back of the modem.
    Your internet connexion is supposed to be 100% functionnal.
    You can try to do a speed test.
    Then, reconnect all your other devices to your wi-fi network with the same password key.
    If you still need help;
    Contact the Fizz customer service by chat.
    Click on:
    Click on the green interrogation point appearing down to the right of the page and click on the green chat bubble.
  • Hello,
    Not normal at all, as it ever ran at 120mb?
    Either way try rebooting the model and try again
    make sure there are no devices DL from the internet if problem is still there please advise them of the problem…
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