Switching to fizz?

Thinking of switching to fizz as im fed up with my current plan. Is the $36 for 3gb plan worth it?


  • Linkin
    Linkin Posts: 79
    For me personally i have seen a lot of benefits one of them is using the internet in the metro in places were the network was not covering in my previous company.
  • cristi
    cristi Posts: 223
    smart choice. changes in life are good. the worst in life is to regret something that you didn't do.
    Fizz is a very very smart choice ! Watch the whole ! I have also a promotional magic refferal if interested !!
  • I actually regret I didn't switch to Fizz before. As long as the coverage is working where you live, there is no reason not to switch! Not only the monthly price is lower than with my former carrier, but I have saved a lot with the referrals.
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