very difficult to contact Fizz support

On Fizz website, if you click "Contact us", that drives you nowhere!!!
i sent a message by Facebook messenger, no answer yet after 4 hours. No chat, no email address!!!!
they pretend to be there 24/7. How could that be ??????


  • Justin
    Justin Posts: 888

    Sorry to hear that. Yes sometimes it might be difficult to join them, but you can ask your questions here and we can help you it most cases.

    You have to know that we dont have all the answers.

    Good Luck
  • Hey Hoang,

    They have a live chat. Just login at your account then go to any help page (for ex this one:

    At the bottom right you will find a green interrogation button. Click on it and choose chat. You should connect you with someone to help you.
    Other channels like Facebook or Twitter are really bad, indeed :/

    Good luck!
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