is my modem disconnection is registered on fizz server ?

Last night i lost internet. This morning i reboot the modem and it's ok now.
According to Fizz support, no issue has been registered on Fizz side ?
1) Did you talk about general internet issue or the issue concerning my modem specifically ?
2) if my modem disconnection is NOT registered on Fizz server, how could you diagnose the source of my problem ? Defective modem ?


  • Hi Hoang,
    Sometime a reboot can solve many problems!
    Have a nice day! :)
  • my point is : does Fizz register my modem disconnection ? Answer Yes or No ?
  • Dgjf
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    I dont think Fizz register it.

    Your modem run on software just like your windows pc and sometime software crash. Just like when you have a blue screen of dead on your pc and have to restart. If its not append often nothing to worry it can append. Have aa nice day :)
  • Hi Hoang,

    For sure they know if your modem is connected or not. But when they say "no issue has been registered" I think they usually talk about regions that have issues.

    When you lose internet, is it only on WiFi? Have you tried connecting with a cable directly from the modem to make sure the issue is between modem -> Fizz? Sometimes WiFi is not reliable to detect an Internet issue as it might be affected by distance or even the amount of other WiFi networks nearby (I had issues like that before, but connecting the cable it was all fine).
  • i use my own router, very good router, never had any wifi issue for years. Just reboot Fizz modem and that worked, so the problem is Fizz!
  • Hi Hoang,

    WiFi has something called channels, which is basically different ranges of frequencies (imagine a road with multiple lanes). Sometimes, depending on where you live, many WiFi networks might be using the same lane, messing up the signals, causing a huge slow down. Do you have many WiFi networks nearby?

    Modems should be smart to change channels automatically, but this is not the case most of the time. When you reboot it might have gotten a different channel, "fixing" the issue. That's why connecting a cable is the most reliable way to test. If even with a cable there's no Internet, then you should contact Fizz and complain about the performance.
  • MichelP
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    It can happens sometimes the need to reboot the modem.
    Since 2 years i am with Fizz, i have rebooted the modem twice.
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    @MichelP so about one time per year. Its not so bad but not so good either. Its weird to haave to do it so often but its not the end of the world :)
  • Dgjf
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    @Hoang do you modem still disconnect ?
  • no problem since 2021-02-19
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    @Hoang good news can you choose the best answer too close this question and mark her as resolved ? Thanks :) (you can still open a new question if the problem come back)
  • FYI
    Each time you reboot your modem, Fizz registers that event according to Fizz support. Not sure when your modem loses connection (no internet) and you don’t reboot yet, that event is registered or not!
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