Alcatel Linkzone Router?

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Does anyone know how to setup the Alcatel Linkzone 4G LTE Router
when inserting my sim the Network LED flashes showing that there's no internet access?


  • Dgjf
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    @Justin its a LTE modem so hey use the mobile data network.

    I dont think you have to do mutch juste put the sim card in it and make sure the APN is setuped ( ).

    But i have no experience with LTE modem sorry but its really nice i will check into it its a nice option to have internet on the go.
  • Green
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    Thanks everyone it did connect already
    But I have a little issue that has nothing to do with fizz.
    It's that my router from where my PC takes the local internet connection has the same IP address like the default IP address of the Alcatel modem.
    I guess I have have to set it up with a different PC and maybe change the IP address for the modem.
  • Mastaiso
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    Hi Chaim,

    If this LTE Router have the right frequencies, then yes it should work.
    Mobile data: Your device must have dual-frequency support for 1700/2100 MHz (also called AWS or band IV)
  • Green
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    Hi to everyone
    Just to keep u updated is that it does work perfect now after I connected the router to my laptop and accessed the webpage of the device which is but when u connect it to your computer via WiFi u don't need to enter this address, since it prompts u to setup our device which takes u straight to device setup page. and then u just add the as the apn and it right away connects to the internet.
    For those who are interested in such a device it's a perfect option to have access to the internet on the go.
    Thanks again for everyone's support.
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