Issues printing over wifi?

Why does it take an hour to print from my Mac book over wifi (it just spins and spins until it finally prints) but instantaneous from my iPhone?


  • I’m waiting for my husband to try to print again (he was the one having the issue) but does it make sense that it my app now shows that I have 2 networks? Some devices are on the 2.4 and others on the 5?
  • Fizzy
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    Nancy, when Band Steering is enabled, we have no control over which Wi-Fi frequencies our devices will connect to. The connection is done automatically.

    By disabling Band Steering, we can connect all devices to the same frequency. This way, the printing should always work from any device.
  • Hi Fizzy - I have disabled the band steering. How do I direct my device to the network I want it on? (My printer is still not on the same network as my MacBook so printing is still a challenge)
  • NinjaBunga
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    Fizzy: I am not sure to understand how band steering prevent someone from printing. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Let's say I have the following configuration:
    - Printer: Wifi 2.4G
    - Laptop: Wifi 5G
    When I print through my laptop the router should send the print information to the printer no matter what?
    From what I understand the printer protocol doesn't use a direct wifi connection.
    Is there something that I am missing here?
  • I’ve finally managed to disable band steering and get my MacBook on the 2.4 just like my printer and the initial problem still persists. Even though I have my MacBook and printer on the same 2.4 now, Printing only works sporadically! Most of the time it just spins and says it can’t find the printer. Works fine from my iPhone and Dell laptop though.
    Can anyone help?
  • Fizzy
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    Nancy: Try restarting all your devices.
    On your Macbook, make sure to set the correct default printer.
    If the situation continues, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer on the Mac.

    Mathieu: It can depend on which printer and router you are using as well.
    In general, the advice to use the same WiFi network will work.
    If you wish, you can search a specific printer model online or the instruction manual for more info.
    If you are using Fizz internet, you can also test it on your end.
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