When should I apply my rebates, and do they ''stack''?

So I'm a new Fizz internet user and will soon reach the end of my first month. I have a 1$ rebate that will become active in a couple of days when I start the second month plus in the meantime I managed to reach level 2 and I have another 2$ rebate I could activate. I would like to know if 1- when I get my second slot do they both stack if I apply both the 1$ and 2$ for a total of 3$ rebate on my plan? And 2- since apparently the bonuses are only valid for 2 years should I wait before activating my rebates so they don't overlap instead?


  • Mike
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    Hi Sebastien

    You need to apply 3 days before the new billing cycle


    2 days before the new billing cycle the account is frozen, and you should wait the last possible day in order to see if you have a better bonus to apply. For this reason I will suggest 3 days before the next billing cycle

    Yes they cummulate therefore if you have 2 + 1 = 3$

    The bonus are valid for 2 years from the day that you received it, and not when you apply it

    However, it seems that this is not applied yet. Members with Fizz for more than 2 years are still having their first bonus
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    You need to reach level 3 and unlock a second slot to be able to activate a second rebate. They do not add up in one single slot.
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