Are you ever expanding coverage?

Where I live, I have zero service ever.
If I want to send a text, I have to go drive and with the lockdown I can't use it at all... Cause I can't drive after 8pm.
Bell, Koodo and all the other companies work here.
It's frustrating and I may have to find another service provider. :(

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  • MichelP
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    Maybe the choice of changing mobile provider is a good option for you (Telus, Rogers or bell).
  • Tadpole
    Tadpole Posts: 11
    There's only one Bell tower anywhere near me.
    Complete tower desert here.
    It's 50km + to get to a tower, and I'm pretty sure the nearest Videotron one is way way further.
    They said they had coverage here but they didn't have coverage in Lery which is like spitting distance from Montreal, across the river.
    People that live in town forget how hard it is to get cellular service.
    My internet with this plan didn't work in Montreal the other day though. So I don't know.
  • Tadpole
    Tadpole Posts: 11
    Yeah I'm trying Telus.... Just the sim card has been on the mail for 10+ days while I'm paying for service. :/
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