Is there a way transfer my router to a new tenant?

Hi, I'm moving out and I will have to cancel my subscription with Fizz as I no longer need a service provider. However, the new tenant is planning to sign with Fizz and asked me if I could leave the router I received from Fizz there so he could use it for his own subscription, and by the same token avoid the installation cost and delay associated with receiving a new router.
Is this even possible?
If so, what are the steps required on our end?


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    Hi Charles

    non you need to unsubscribe and return the modem

    1- Log into your account and go to Manage.
    2- Click on Unsubscribe.
    3- Scroll to the bottom and confirm by clicking Unsubscribe.
    4- Tell us why you are unsubscribing.
    5- Enter the date when you want Home Internet service to end.
    6- Click Unsubscribe.
    7- On the next screen, download, write down or print your return ID number and follow the instructions for returning your Wi-Fi modem.

    Important: You have 15 days following the date you unsubscribe to return your Wi-Fi modem, or else you will be charged the amount of $150 (plus applicable taxes). Detailed instructions will follow.

    "Can I transfer my Home Internet plan to another Fizz member?
    Unfortunately, no. The transfer of a plan (whether mobile or Home Internet) from one account to another, even if two people are living at the same address (like two roommates for example), is not possible. Person A must unsubscribe, and person B subscribes with a new plan in their own account."

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