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Extended coverage problem on one specific Bell Mobility cell tower?

I have a problem on extended network that seems specific to the Bell Mobility tower located on the Montagne Noire in the Outaouais (route 315). Tower commissioned at the end of May 2019.
The problem is that neither incoming or outgoing calls work on this tower with Fizz while it is possible to send and receive text messages (SMS) and data also works.
This problem is identical and has been confirmed with the following providers: Rogers, Fido, Videotron and Koodo while with Bell Mobility and Tellus, making and receiving calls works.
As far as Koodo is concerned, the problem was fixed and the reason was that the specific tower only has LTE capabilities not 3G, UMTS or HSPA. The operator had to modify a parameter on the subscriber register to allow Volte calls.


  • I did contact Fizz support and they confirmed that VoLTE is not yet available.
    The mobile I use is a Samsung Galaxy S9+. It used to work in the same spot with Bell Bobility and once I transfered the line to Koodo, I had this issue, untill VoLTE was activated on the user database at Koodo. I was hoping I could find a similar fix with Fizz, oh well...
  • StefanM
    StefanM Posts: 736
    Ok, yeah it is a problem wit the tower then. Sorry that we can’t help you :(
  • No worries, thanks for trying, much appreciated.
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