Confused about 'Coverage Areas' and International call plan - help?

Kaila H.
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I'm rather confused by coverage zones and international calls. Since we're in a pandemic and I'm not traveling, I only purchased coverage for Quebec, thinking this would do, but now I'm finding that all my calls out to Canadian, non Quebec numbers are being blocked and told my plan doesn't cover them. Are calls outside of Quebec now considered 'international' ? Should I be picking the Canada coverage plan?
It's really not very clear, and I'm desperate to know what option I need to check for outgoing Canadian calls!


  • Mike
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    Hi Kaila

    With Unlimited Quebec calls, your calls in Quebec are included if you are in Quebec

    With Unlimited Canada all the calls in Canada are included if you are in Canada

    For the calls not included you need to buy an addon or put money in your Fizz's wallet

    If you are calling in US you can have the Canada/USA plan

    If you are calling outside Canada/USA and i a specific country check if you can include this calls in your plan
  • Justin
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    Hi Caila,

    You need to upgrade your coverage.
    If you have Quebec coverage everything outside from that zone will be charge. You won't be able to make calls.

    So I think for you, you'll need Canada+ USA coverage unlimited.

    I hope it will help you.
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