Fizz no data?

Dragos M.
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I see there's a lot of threads open regarding a network issue that started on the morning of Jan 21, and which is still ongoing. Unfortunately, the page does not mention anything about a network issue. So, let's hope the tech team is working hard on fixing the issue.
On the other hand, it was a weird moment for me today to realize how essential it is to be connected. I mean I could live without data for sure, but it's a PITA to not have it.
PRO tip: if you're like me, and depend on your Maps to get places, Google Maps has a feature to pre-cache an area so you can navigate offline. Just search for "ok maps" while inside the application, and that will initiate the caching feature. Doesn't work with Waze unfortunately.


  • Justin
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    Hi Dragos,

    Thanks for the sharing. Very helpful!

    Have a nice day.
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