Toll free numbers require an add on? Can't find an easy way to connect to someone on your website?

Mike M. #9292
Mike M. #9292 Posts: 4 ✭✭
Two part question because it took my long enough to get this far on your website.
1 - Why am I getting an error saying I need to enhance my plan to make a call to a toll free number 800-668-8768 ?

2 - Why have you made it so impossible to get a clear line to a representative? I get that you have insta, whatsapp, facebook and all these other channels but why can't I just connect with someone with a "chat live" button on your website? I understand cutting costs and you guys have been a great carrier but when things go wrong and you want to talk to someone its barrier after barrier. I dont feel like signing up for whatsapp or instagram and I dont want to use my facebook. I'd like to come to the site I am doing business with ( and speak directly through YOUR website not a 3rd party social media platform.


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