If prices are going up, what do we cut from monthly plan to keep our budget ?

cristi Posts: 223 ✭✭
Hi friends,
Cause our income power is going down this days I was thinking how to keep the step with prices.
Its not too much monthly but like a family with 5 plans and couple of bucks up monthly, in the long run means probably enough and are better saved and invested.
If our providers are charging us more, we can select less to pay, both in advantage :)) .
First thing I will cut will be SMS and Voice Mail. I can enjoy life without them. No more spam calls to vms. Who wants to call me can insist. If it s urgent they will call again.
I will keep Canada coverage for voice and unlimited and I will reduce the amount of data to 2G monthly, more than enough for a regular user.
Let s see other opinions.


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