Fizz is increasing prices.It will affect my new plan (changes submitted 2 weeks ago and confirmed by

cristi Posts: 223 ✭✭
I'm so happy to see the price increase also here.
It means business is going well, we have a lot of customers already.
I have a great question for you friends. I changed my plan for next month and already submitted and confirmed the change by email. New changed plan confirmed will start in couple of days...
What is gonna happen now with the increase of price? Are they gonna keep what they confirmed already or it will change it up increased?
And another super awesome question is if you dont change by yourself the plan is there gonna be a price increase from them?
Thank you and all the best !!
PS. great news. I feel like I'm back to the big3 and I'm laughing. Next level no phone :), no tracking, no bill.


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