How can I buy Iphone 11 128 GB?

Can I buy Iphone 11 128 GB from fizz instead of Iphone 11 64 GB? how?


  • Mestapha
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    You can purchase the Iphone 11
  • StefanM
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    I think you can but it’s still in beta! Reach out to customer support :)
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Ahmad

    Sorry the iPhone 11 128 GB version does not appear on the list of available phones from Fizz (at least for now).

    It's great that you are interested in a phone from Fizz. Also know that when you buy a phone from Fizz, you will be awarded with My Rewards points on your Fizz account.
  • sman
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    Fizz is in beta, therefore they offer only a limited quantity, if you do not see it, you cannot have it
  • MichelP
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    If you dont see it, it's a beta offer.
    You wont be able to buy it to Fizz.
    You can try to contact :
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