Why my VMS is still active after cancelling all the diverts ?

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Hi friends,
I have a weird issue with my VMS.
Until next month when I setup to deactivate from My Plan the option VMS, today i used ##002# and I've got the confirmation on the screen for all diverts cancelled.
I did this because I've got so many weird / spam calls and I had to block that number from my Android phone menu.
Everything is ok and that number is not calling anymore (blocked) but, all the calls are diverted to VMS even if I did the cancellation of all cases with ##002#.
Question is if I cancelled all the diverts to VMS and still not disabled, what else do you recommend to do?
Thank you so much!


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  • cristi
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    I'm back with the solution.
    Solution is to divert to 11111111 like excellent Fizzy said and it works .....
    The worst is that blocking spam number in the phone menu agenda is not helpfully at all. Calls still went to "Boite Vocale".
    No more spammers !
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