Can i use a sim card that was sent to my daughter on my phone instead?

My daughter received a Fizz sim card because she was going to switch her mobile plan but then decided not to. It has not been activated so can i use that sim card on my phone to switch my plan to Fizz or do i need to order another one from you?


  • vgStef
    vgStef Posts: 110
    Yes, no problem. You daughter's sim card should work fine.
  • MTeasdale
    MTeasdale Posts: 101
    Yes you can.
  • Yes you can use it without any issue.
  • Alzhi
    Alzhi Posts: 300
    You can activate it with any number or device you want as long as this device is unlocked. The sim card you received is not activated so you can do the activation for your number without any issue.

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  • JoanMr
    JoanMr Posts: 330
    Yes you can :) Welcome with us !
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