Does all plans include texting worldwide?

The create my plan page doesn't specify we can text in other countries. The plan I want is canada wide. Does this mean I can send messages to US and Europe? Thanks in advance


  • Mike
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    If you have unlimited SMS yes, you need to be in your coverage area, therefore in Canada to be able to send the SMS worldwide
  • StefanM
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    Yes, as long as are you in your coverage area, you should be able to do it
  • Mike's answer is dead on!
  • Yes of course!
  • Justin
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    Hi Catherine,

    You'll be only able if your are in your coverage area.
    Otherwise you won't.
  • Mike has the perfect answer
  • MichelP
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    No problem,
    With the unlimited texts option
    and if you are in the coverage area of your mobile plan, you can send worldwide texts everywhere in the world.
  • JoanMr
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    Yea you can :)
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