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Hey !
I would like to know if I choose plan without call minutes, will I pay for people who’ll call me or I pay just when I call ?
Thank you !


  • Mike
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    Hi Eloi

    You need to pay for the outgoing and the incoming calls

    Therefore, you need to buy an addon or have money in the Fizz's wallet and your are paying by minutes, therefore a call of 1m1s is 2 minutes call

    If you do not have the addon or money you will not be able to receive any calls
  • StefanM
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    You need to have money in your wallet. Incoming calls will be charged too. Only incoming text messages are free
  • You pay for both direction. In calls and outgoing calls. This us different for SMS where incoming is always free
  • Justin
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    Hi Eloi,

    If your plan has no minutes, people won't be able to call you and you'll receive an SMS that said that your plan cannot receive or make call.

    I suggested to add and add-on : 3$ for 60 minutes available for 2 months.

    Otherwise, you should try a VOIP apps : textnow, Fongo etc...
  • MichelP
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    With a monthly mobile plan without calls
    You need to buy add-ons for calls or put money in your wallet.
    If not, you wont be able to receive and do calls.
  • JoanMr
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    Another suggestion like Justin said could be using WhatsApp :) I like this app
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