Switched to fizz internet (new modem) but I still have Videotron Landline : how do I make it work?

My old Videotron modem had a DSL port which i used to hook up my landline phone. (Fizz doesnt seem to have a DSL)
Will I need to keep the old modem and get a coax cable splitter to hook up both modem (the fizz for internet and the old one for landline)?


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    Hi Mariam

    Welcome to Fizz!

    It seems you are using the VOIP phone service offered by Videotron. You are right, as Fizz does not offer this VOIP service.

    In order to continue using this service, you will need to hook up both modem as you mention. You can contact Videotron to confirm your situation and make sure you are not paying for 2 internet services. I assume you already had the Fizz installation done, because if you had mentioned this to the technician, the technician would likely have installed the splitter for you.
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