Do you personal need 5G mobile and if yes, for what ?

cristi Posts: 223 ✭✭
Hi friends,
I saw a lot of commercial about 5G network, happy people watching their download phone speed...
I was looking at my personal lifestyle needs and I decided that what do I have now it s enough.
LTE+ works more than enough for mobile browsing, chat, youtube and emails. Would be awesome to extend LTE+coverage and more sites downtown.
I would love to have 5G only for one reason: a mobile internet connection at home like 1Giga download unlimited vs the actual coaxial cable. It happen so many times to have issues with my old internet provider at home because of some cable issues ....
Now guys for what do you need 5G personal ?


  • Andrei U. #679
    Andrei U. #679 Posts: 349 ✭✭
    Personally I don't see myself willing to pay extra for 5G as I'm pretty happy with LTE speed. My son ,on the other hand, is pretty excited about the hole thing.
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