Does fizz worker have access to my sms ?

In order to save my privacy, I'm assking if somone inside the company fizz or other companies have access to my data especially my calls and SMS ?


  • They shouldn't be able to view it unless there's a wiretap warrant. But hard to say what kind of policies they have internally. if security is important SMS is not for you, it's extremely insecure, I would look at signals or something like that with end of end encryption.
  • I hope not.
  • StefanM
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    No, they do not. It’s against privacy law.
  • Justin
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    Hi Mahmoud,

    Fizz is not suppose to have acces to your personnals data.
    It's against the law.
  • vgStef
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    Right, it's against the law, but all the data that circulates on servers and communication networks is recorded. So inspectors/policeman could access it with a warrant. There is also the hackers that could access it.
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