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Change the name on account. I would like to transfer the account actually in my adress but not in my name. I would like to put it on my name


  • Mike
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    This is not recommended

    Fizz do not allow it

    Can I transfer my Home Internet plan to another Fizz member?

    Unfortunately, no. The transfer of a plan (whether mobile or Home Internet) from one account to another, even if two people are living at the same address (like two roommates for example), is not possible. Person A must unsubscribe, and person B subscribes with a new plan in their own account.

  • StefanM
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    Unfortunately that is not possible. You have to unsubscribe and subscribe again. Sorry :/
  • Sharpie22
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    I think that you can't do that.
  • You should just set-up a new account
  • chiriko
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    You'll have to set up a new account, unfortunately :/
  • Hi,
    You'll have to create a new account.
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