What is typical Ping & Jitter results?

Glen M. #38136
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Using Fizz internet 60/10 speed with a 3rd party VOIP service. Conversations have a 1/2 to a full second delay. I can hear a more than faint delayed echo of my outgoing conversation. Provider claims the Ping values are poor. Would be great if I knew what the typical Ping and Jitter values are and how to solve the delay / echo issue.


  • Mike
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    Hi Glen

    Sometime turn off the modem for couple of minutes can help solved these problems

    Do you use an ATA or a soft phone?

    Are you connected in Wifi or ethernet?

    Are other people using your connection with heavy load for the modem, different traffic can put a different load on the modem.

    Usually you can improve this performance with a router connected to the modem configured in bridge mode.

    If you using an ATA you can always try to configure the router in bridge modem, and connect the ATA directly to the modem, in this way you can do a test without the needs of the router.

    After this test you need to factory reset the modem in order to put back (there are other way, but this it is the easy one)

    If any changes have caused a problem, you can factory reset your modem at any time. 
    Using a thin, pointed object, hold the restart button on the Wi-Fi modem for 10+ seconds. 
    Once your modem has restarted, follow the same instructions as when you first installed it. 
    IMPORTANT: this operation will reset any changes that have been made to the settings of your Wi-Fi modem to date. You may also have to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings of your devices (network name, password, etc. .) 
    The default username of your Wi-Fi network, as well as the corresponding password, are written on a sticker affixed to the back of your Wi-Fi modem (Default Wi-Fi network and Default key).
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    In my case it works perfectly without any delays.
    Mike raised some excellent points !
  • PsykoB
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    No lag for me.
    PAP2T and voip.ms
  • So far on my side PING is pretty much always between 4 and 10ms, Jitter is below 15 most of the time.
  • Emmanuel S. #36497
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    I'm on the 30/10 and I get 32.8/10.9 with 19 ms to NYC latency, not sure the jitter
  • Glen M. #38136
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    Thanks to all for the replies. Using Fizz modem as WiFi only, do not remember seeing a bridge mode. Phones hardwired to Ooma plugged directly to a 2nd router. Using oomas speed test https://oomaoffice.speedtestcustom.com/ which does not have latency. MTL - MTL Ping is 10 and Jitter 5 or under. MTL to California Ping is 78 MTL to Nebraska is 38 all with expected speed and low Jitter. Tried phone plugged direct to oooma for a month, no improvements. May try Ooma to fizz router
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    No lag for me using voip.ms and obihai 100
  • Gilles
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    Try like me, oomma will have priority.

    Since you have your router, put fizz on bridge. Less error and conection much more stable.

  • Gilles
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    On the image see the coax, in fizz, White ethernet to ooma, yellow ethernet to asus router, then an other yellow ethernet to synology nas.

    House phone line pluged in ooma have one splitter and 25 to 30m line, Through the basement, attic and various walls. Pluged in a panasonic wireless phone. No lag, no interférence, cristal clear voice.
  • Glen M. #38136
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    Hi Gilles
    For troubleshooting, I will plug the Ooma Telo to a port on the Fizz, then the ooma to a phone.
    If the problem still exists then the likely problem is the Telo is not using the closest Ooma server so it is causing delays.The Ooma only has a network speed of 100, If I plug my router to the ooma my gigabit 1000 router / hub / network could be slowed down to the 100. I too have a Synology NAS where all files are kept so there is a lot of read/write.
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    Is your problem resolved? If not, please let us know. If yes, please chose the best answer and that will close this topic. Have a great day !
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