Swaping Upgrade?

Is it possible to swap your upgrades. I just reached level 2 and wanted to swap the 150MB for the 500MB upgrade, but it would not let me change it, I had to remove it, and then I guess next month I can add the 500MB for the following month so I'll have no upgrade for one month on my cellular ? Did I do it wrong or is this how it works ? Thanks Community! Everyone here has been super helpful since I joined, I really apricate it.


  • Mike
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    Hi Emmanuel

    This is the common mistake that the majority of us have made.
    You need to wait 3 days before the next billing cycle before applying the updates, remember the 48 hours before the new billing cycle the account is frozen.

    Therefore, wait the next billing cycle and you will be able to swap it, in order to swap click on the bonus that you want to use and click on the slot with an active bonus

    You need to wait the slot activation, sorry
  • StefanM
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    Hi Emmanuel,
    You just have to wait until the first one activates and then you can swap them out. It's something that we were all confused about at first. Great you like the community here. I love it too :D
  • Sharpie22
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    Yes you will have to wait until the first bonus activates then you can swap.
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