My Rewards upgrade (3$ /month rebate) were not applied the month after I upgraded from 60 to 120Mbps

Simon * Code référence > >> FRFMV << < Referral code [100$ de FIZZ + 4Go que je vous donne]Posts: 92
Prior to upgrading my Internet speed from 60 to 120Mbps, my invoice would show " My Rewards upgrade = 3$ rebate ", but this has disappeared, and I can't figure why.
Do I have to "accept" the rebates again (I found this practice sketchy enough the first time, I'd hope I don't have to do it again) ???


  • Hi Simon, contact support via their Facebook page and they should be able to sort this out. This is the community hub for users to help themselves and we do not have access to your account. However based on other reports it seems there might have been an issue.
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