Transferring my old phone number?

Dahlia K.
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I lost my old phone, I am supposed to receive and answer a text message on my old phone in order to transfer my number with bell to my new phone, is their any way to still keep my old number if I can't answer the text message?


  • Mike
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    If you contract is with bell, you need to replace the SIM with Bell or contact them to see if they have an other way to confirm the transfer
  • StefanM
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    I assume your Bell Account is still active? I suggest you reach out to them directly, confirm your identity and ask for some other ways to transfer.
    Another option would be to go to Bell directly and get a new SIM.Usually they can cancel the old one and you can receive texts to the new SIM card. They simply link your number to the new SIM.
    I personally never had to answer a text when I transferred numbers.
  • sman
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    Contact Bell only them can help you out
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