Data dispute

It said I used 2 gigs of data in one day but my data was off?


  • MichelP
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    Can i suggest to contact the Fizz customer service by chat.
    In my case:
    I can share with you than yesterday and this morning it shows an utilisation on my mobile account of 501 mo, it's a mistake of display i think. The amount of data use today is 4, 5 mo.
  • Please keep us inform about this problem.
  • sometimes my wifi doesn't work effectively and i use more data than i thought. If you watched movies using your phone it can happen.
    As Mike said, i also suggest you go in the settings to check your mobile data usage. if you need extra data, the community will give you some im sure.
  • you should ask more datas from community especially because Fizz gave 5 Go gift perks to everybody.
  • It is a mistake on Fizz’s part because today it shows yesterday I used 2 mb and today 2 GB.
    So everyday this is happening. I will speak to customer service.
  • I think I have the same problem: today it shows that I used 1 giga of internet while I have been under a wifi network for all the time.
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