How can I edit a question on the community ?

Hello guys,
Can we edit a question on a community ?


  • Mike
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    Hi Ella

    If the post is not closed yes you can edit it. If you asked a question and nobody replIed yes you can modify the first question.
  • Fizzy
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    Hi Ella

    To edit a post, click or mouse over it and you will see the edit option on the top right of your post.

    When you ask a question, once there is a reply posted, you can no longer change your question.

    When you answer a question, if your reply is selected as best answer, you can no longer edit it.
  • sman
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    Easy click on the edit icon, you need to be connected
  • Gilles
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    Thank you for the question, I experienced that problem.

    I thought it was impossible to change but with Mike’s answers and fizzy it’s clearer now
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