I need to move. a Fizz technician needs to go to a new address, do I have to pay any fees for moving

When I am moving.
Do I need to pay for the technician's visit new address?


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    No you need to schedule an appointment and bring your modem.

    1- Log into your Fizz account and click on My plans.
    2- Select your internet plan and click on Manage my plan.
    3- Click on Moving my service.
    4- Follow the instructions. You’ll have to:
    - validate the availability of the Fizz Home Internet service at your new address;
    - confirm your new plan;
    - schedule your installation appointment at your new address;
    - confirm your deactivation date at your current address.

    Don’t forget to bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem with you at your new service address.

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