I need the SIM PIN number to lock my SIM in order to prevent phishing scams

Hi! In order to lock my SIM in my cellphone, I need the 4 digits PIN that is provided by you. Since I only have 3 tries before my phone gets locked, I'd rather ask you for the answer.
Thank you!


  • Mike
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    Hi Jonathan

    This is the procedure https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-personalize-my-pin

    How to personalize the PIN on most phones:

    Go to the Settings menu → Choose Security → Choose Modify your PIN

    However, this I do not see how can prevent the phishing, this will lock your SIM
    This will not prevent nothing more

    These are the informations for the PUK
  • Sergii C.
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    Hello Jonathan,
    Most phones have a built-in shortcut for changing your pin. So, for example, to change the default pin to 5555 you need just one command to type:
    where: 04-command code
    1234 old pin
    5555 new pin (must be typed twice)
    Of course, you also need to check the card that accompanies your new SIM card to determine your old pin!
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