Moving - Can I Access Internet Before Technician Arrives?

Browsed the hub and seen varying answers. I'm a current Fizz user. Moving on the 28th. Earliest available technician visit is Jan 12. Naturally I can't be without internet for 14 days (my wife and I both work from home).
I'm familiar with connecting to Fizz. I have the modem and the cable. Also, luckily, the current tenants of the house we bought are subscribed to Videotron internet.
1. Would I be able to plug in and have access before the technician makes their visit?
2. I've specified the last day of my internet at my current address is the 28th. Does this mean service will be paused until the tech arrives, or will they immediately transfer it to the new address?
I am also watching to see if there will be any openings in the schedule for the 28th, but am not hopeful. I really don't want to inquire with other vendors, as Fizz has been great for us.


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